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BE WHO YOU REALLY ARE                                                                                                            HERZENS-STURM-MYSTERIUM©




Satsang is an invitation. Satsang is always the end. Satsang is always the beginning. In satsang you wake up from your dream, from your trance, your suffering that was created through conditioned thoughts, through remembered feelings, and out of the fantasies of your own restless mind. All that has been created by your own egoic mind is realized as what it is : pure fantasy.  Satsang is like a river that takes away everything in its current that is not really your own true SELF.

Satsang is like a drop of water on a hot stone, that simply glows away in the heat. Water and fire – Oneness. Satsang is like a wild river that swells into a huge flood running towards the endless ocean. Satsang pulls you into this river, pushes you ruthlessly into the ocean.

In the infinity of the ocean it is realized that you have never been the river, that nothing ever happened. In the infinite endlessness of the eternal ocean you realize yourself as the eternal fountain of the waters of life. No river, no dream, no suffering ever. Always the ONE divine fountain. THAT. 


Returned home into the divine living aliveness itself, it is now realized what you already are and always have been: Always pure, always innocence, always compassion, always silence, always emptiness and abundance at the same time.

JUMP into the river!  Drown into its mystery of purification.

Be presence NOW.



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