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Enneagram Theater Blue Planet



The ENNEAGRAM THEATER BLUE PLANET is devoted to an ongoing creative process of deepening conscious awareness according to the inner development of the actors. The actors of the theater-Group show a continually deepening and opening process of the inner and outer fights of an arrogant or ignorant, a terribly suffering or presumptuously boasting EGO and they show how again and again a wonderful, unexpected and overwhelming freedom and awakening from its slavish boundaries into an endless and glorious Presence of Beingness is possible and happens.

Andreas Riedel

Sabine Lange

Pia Reichel

Maria Hellmann

Manfred Radermacher Joachim Barz

Heike Krups-Tischer

Heike Hahn Gabriele Seils

Elizabeth Schmidt P.

Petra Klar Andrea Mith

Bernd Kolb


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