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mariananda MARIANANDA      Chairperson

Born in Berlin, Germany during WW II and having lost both parents at a very early age Mariananda grew up in many different places and with many different people in Germany and the USA. After studies in Philosophy, German and English Literature, she graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts with a major in Sculpture. Her art-work was presented in several exhibitions.

For many years she helped to built Synanon, a large center for the rehabilitation of drug addicts, she created and hosted a very successful nation-wide TV-show on child-education and worked for the Berlin Government. She taught as a Professor for Visual Arts, studied psychology and was trained as a Jungian Psychoanalyst. She married in the sixties, had a beloved son and raised four foster children. A divorce followed. Today she is a very happy grandmother with three amazing grandchildren and a lovely daughter in law.

For 36 years she worked with various groups in Germany, Spain, Brazil, England, Denmark and the Czech-Republic teaching the Enneagram, Meditation and Dream-work. After a very successful life of career and love, she was still a seeker of fulfillment, truth and spiritual growth. So in the early 90ties, she gave up all conventional and traditional personal and work- relationships and set out for a pilgrimage without a known or wanted goal. The only thing she knew at that time was: “It” must be somewhere and it must be found. What this “it” could possibly be..she did not know. After many months in Fatima in Portugal she spent in silence and absolute solitude, absorbed in contemplative prayer and devotion to the Divine, and only sporadically reading a small booklet about the Enneagram, she met a young traveller who gave her three books about an Indian man named H.W.Poonja. Here was the answer she had been waiting for since a life time. She bought a ticket to India to be with H.W.L.Poonja, Papaji. A few days later, on her 56th birthday September 6th, 1997, she found out that Papaji had just died. By grace and through divine circumstances she met her teacher Beloved Gangaji two years later. When she saw her entering the room, after having exchanged only a few words on the steps to the meditation hall, her mind stopped and ever since she is in a state of sat-chit-ananda, deepest devotion and bliss. Since then she passes on the simple yet so profound message and invitation from her teacher:

To shift your allegiance from the activities of the mind to the eternal presence of your own true SELF. Stop.
Be still and wait and see.
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