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Reiki is a wonderful, powerful gift from above that is an open secret in the hands of every human being that is willing to share this gift. We can intensify this gift by our willingness to accept and to receive it. It only takes care and practice and this gift will be yours every time you use it. In the universe it has been experienced many times that the holy secrets are the ones that are most open and the most simple ones but we do not see or feel or believe them because our mind defines them as “too simple” to be true. When I experienced REIKI for the first time it was simple, easy and not “holy” at all, but I knew and I felt and I was moved by “IT”. In a very simple, true and fulfilling way “I” fell in love with “IT”. I wanted to practice and give this to my ”Self”, take this from my ”Self” and share it with all the BEINGS on the planet and in the universe.

So, I was initiated as REIKI MASTER.

If you want to share “IT” with you “Your SELF”, you can join a course and start practicing yourself…

You can join:


The history of REIKI

The positions of the hands

The Chakras and REIKI


The use of Aura-Soma-Pomanders


The symbols of REIKI

The spiritual meaning

Painting the symbols

Practice of the positions


The use of Aura-Soma-Quintessences


REIKI three I only offer to people

who sincerely practice REIKI and

who have joined the ONE WAY.

For further information you can:

phone :        + 49 (0) 30 / 77 20 68 39
e-mail :        This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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