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Interview with MARIANANDA,
Oct. 20, 2012

  What can “the-old-ones” do ?
  What  can  the Old Ones be ! in this world
  Of change, fear and new enlightenment.
  No -Thing.

  What a brilliant answer.



We are no longer here to “do” any-thing.
What then: sit down, wait and then be dead.
Yes !
No !
There is nothing to be expected, to be done, game over.

Be dead before the physical death?
There is no such thing as death,
Only constant transformation takes place.

SIT. Relax. Be still.
Open the heart
Open the heart with compassion,
Open the heart with en-light-enment
Open the heart towards the mind,
Open the heart towards the ego
Be the open heart
Say YES to all and every-thing.

And the world will come and ask questions.
And the only thing “you” have to “do” is :
Give it ALL away.
Your compassion
Your love
Your knowledge
Your love
Your spirit
Your love
Your experienced know-how
Your love

When you have given all you have received:
Then you will leave this world with no-thing
Just as free as you were born
Totally naked and totally free

Thank you for sharing