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Enneagram Types 8 9 1      Die Enneagram-Typen 8 9 1

(Moving-perceiving Gut Center 1st chakra Basic-chakra)

Perceiving- Body- TYPES

All three have difficulties with aggression and regression.
All three identify by  inferior capability in relationships.
They think and/or feel what they DO NOT perceive.

Type 8

The Boss Ego-image: "I am just"
Falle: Revenge, justice
Avoidance: Weakness, devotion
Defence-mechanism: Denial
Direction: Compassion, devotion
Gift: Mercy, innocence, compassion


Self-confidant, assertive, leadership,constructive, dominant, controlling, malevolent, ruthless, destructive.

Type 9

The Mediator, Peace-lover Ego-image: "I am content"
Trap: Fear, Laziness
Avoidance: Conflict, opinion
Defence-mechanism: Numbing, tune-out
Direction: Awakening, action
Gift: Peace, Love, equanimity


Placid, mediating, diplomatic, adaptive, passiv, apathetic, business instead of important action,

retreating, lets others act-out his own anger.

Type 1

The Perfectionist / The Reformer Ego-image: "I am right"
Trap: Perfection, over-sensitive
Avoidance: Anger, resentment, speaking
Defence-mechanism: Control of reaction
Direction: Playfullness, speaking
Gift: Cheerfulness, patience, joyfull


Integrity, basic, percise, wise realist, teacher, moral, black-white thinking, obsessive-compulsive,

reproachful, preaching, arrogant silence.



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