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Enneagram Types 5 6 7      Die Enneagram typen 5 6 7

(Thinking Center 3rd chakra solarplexus)


All three have difficulties with fear and insecurity.
All three identify with wrong thinking strategies of action. 
Believes often that what he feels or perceives is clear logic thinking.

Type 5

The Thinker Ego-image: “I know,  I look through“
Trap: Avarice, meanness
Avoidance: Emptiness
Defence-mechanism: Isolation, Retreating
Direction: Sharing, Speaking
Gift: Wisdom, Objectivity


Keen-witted, analytic, witnessing, eccentric, isolated, distant, emotionally closed, replaces action with thinking.

Type 6

The Loyalist Ego-image: “I do my duty“
Trap: Fear, coverdice, security, dare-devilry
Avoidance: Courage, Compassion, Self-Reliance
Defence-mechanism: Projection
Direction: Openness, Compassion
Gift: Trust, aliveness, devotion


Loyal, dutiful, team-player, dependant, ambivalent, paranoid, hesitant, thinking not acting.

Type 7

The Enthusiast Ego-image: “I am happy“
Trap: Insatiable, Idealism, Planning
Avoidance: Pain, Self-knowledge, Inquiry
Defence-mechanism: Rationalisation
Direction: Sobriety, Self-knowledge
Gift: Deep joy, realism


Ecclectic, theortically - minded, entertaining, happy, multi-talented, hyperactive, superficial,

excessive, fickle, hysterical, planning seldom finishing.



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