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Enneagram Types 2 3 4ennea-weiss-zahlen1

(Feeling center, 2nd Chakra, sexual and creativity chakra)


All three types have problems with identity and with their feelings.
All three identify with a false feeling of  “I am“.
This type “thinks“ what he does NOT feel.

Type 2

Helper Ego-image: “I help“
Trap: pleasing / Pride
Avoidance: neediness, tears
Defence-mechanism: repression
Direction: acceptance of need
Gift: freedom, Grace, devotion


Caring, generous, warm-hearted, compassionate, manipulative, seductive,

fulfills  needs of others even against their will, little contact with their own needs..

Type 3

Dynamic Ego-image: “I am successful“
Trap: vanity, outer image
Avoidance: Failure, anger
Defence-mechanism: Identification
Direction: Acceptance of feelings of failure
Gift: Hope, truth, honesty


Self-assured, ambitious, workaholic, loves competition, needs approval for

his success, gets mixed up between SELF and his work-identity. Image, avoidance of fear.

Type 4

Romantic, dreamer Ego-image: “I am special“
Trap: Self-pity, melancholy
Avoidance: Simplicity, being ordinary, endurance
Defence-mechanism: Introjection
Direction: Acceptance of really “as it is“
Gift: Origin, balance, stability



Creative, egoic, intuitive, depressive, tragic, masochistic, hardly ever ever here and

now, introverted, thinks “about” reality and believes this to be reality.



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