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The Enneagram mariananda retreat


The Enneagram Training is an incomparably practical and yet very profound tool on your path towards awakening and an outstanding support on your path towards the trans-formation of consciousness.


The Enneagram Training helps and supports a better understanding of ourselves and others.


The EnneagramTranining makes it easier to recognize and to change habits, defense mechanisms and subconscious motivations in behavior, action, thinking and feeling.


Like  no other known system of personality the Enneagram shows you the fixation as well

as opening new ways to find more stress-free and more successful strategies to live  in peace and better understanding with yourself and others.


By getting to know and to experience the motivations and the inner logic of each type of the Enneagram we can broaden our understanding and our tolerance towards others and we are able to change our attitudes and behavior in interactions with others.

Both our personal as well as our professional understanding changes when dealing with partners and associates with the knowledge and the insights of the Enneagram.

Our actions will no longer be determined by subconscious motivations and judgements.


The Enneagram does not inform you about talents, intelligence or the personal integrity of a certain type or person.


The Enneagram Training is a very powerful and profound training that can be used in many other systems and schools of evolution and development such as psychology, sociology, spirituality etc.


The Enneagram Training is always useful. It does not require a certain level of development.

Only openness, curiosity and a willingness to learn and to develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others.


Learning how to use the “Seven-Level-Enneagram-Chakra-House”©and the “Healing Soul-Dialogue”© can be a very powerful support on your path towards AWAKENING, daily

Meditation and the stabilization of the INNER WITNESS.