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The Enneagram Training      

The TRAINING is based on several different LEVELS. Each can be repeated as often as wanted or necessary.
Individual sessions can also be booked, no matter which level has already been completed.

   -  Individual sessions

   -  Weekend teachings

   -  Intensives (5 days)

   -  Intensives for Therapists, teachers, teams, management

   -  Training Enneagram-Teacher

   -  Silent Retreats

   -  Meditation Retreats

The Training

1. Individual session

Individual supervision is based on the personal state of development of the client.
They can be booked as often as required wanted or need

2. Weekend INTENSIVE Trainings with Special Topics

Here we work on topics such as:

    - The Enneagram in general
    - The history of the Enneagram
    - The Enneagram and the nine types, exploration of the individual type, the subtypes
    - The Enneagram- its Integration and its Desintegration possibilities
    - The Enneagram and the inner judge
    - The Enneagram of holy ideas
    - The Enneagram and the chakras
    - The Enneagram and the Light and the Shadow


We use Inner INQUIRY /Ramana, Gangaji)
THEWORK / Byron Katie


Each day begins and ends with guided Enneagram-Meditation


During these 5-day-Intensives we work with momentarily private or work.
Problems by using the knowledge of the Enneagram.
We learn about wings and subtypes.

Each day begins and ends with guided Enneagram-Meditation.
For deeper inquiry we use Aura-Soma Equilibrium.
For attendance you must have completed a weekend intensive.


The further Training was especially created for people already qualified as supervisors,

therapists, teachers, consultants and working teams.
The Training is a one-year course consisting of different moduls.

    - Week-end Courses       

    - Several Intensives  bergwelt

    - Individual sessions

    - All-day-weekends

    - Meditation