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The Enneagram      Das Enneagram Symbol


The Symbol

The Enneagram Symbol is a circle divided by nine points.
Each point is connected with the others through lines.

The points are numbered from 1-9.

All points are equal in meaning and status. None is better, lower or higher than the other.

It can also be seen as composed of circle, triangle and hexagon.
All of them having spiritual esoteric meaning.

With unknown origin the Enneagram has developed into two different directions.
One is the modern psychological-spiritual interpretation of personality.

The other was created by Gurdjeff, Ouspensky et al. The so-called “Fourth way”,
a universal model of the law of number and sound.

The Enneagram of personality.

The Enneagram of personality interprets nine different types of personality and their
relation with each other. Each type has in early stages of life developed strategies of its own
to survive and to keep the illusion of primary love. Each type has created certain habits, ideologies and basic patterns of belief for his inner as well as his outer world, that in his adult life no longer serve survival and love issues but now prevent that he can live  the full potential of relations, work and creativity.

The Enneagram does not restrict the individuality of a person as is often feared but on the contrary helps to bring the given gifts, talents and possibilities to full blossom.

On the path towards AWAKENING the Enneagram can be of wonderful help to deepen MEDITATION and the evolvement of the WITNESS.

The “SOUL-DIALOGUE”©  and the “SEVEN-LEVEL-ENNEAGRAM-CHAKRA-HOUSE”© have proofed to serve as profound and  wise tools for SELF-INQUIRY.